Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You should see my kitchen floor.

Guys. Seriously. I have got it BAD. You see, after a Cantacular experience at the Can-O-Rama, I can't. stop. Let me just give you a little run down of the stuff I've been making but not yet eating in the last week:

I made more sauerkraut. I brought a big jar of this home to my dad last weekend, and we ate it on red hot dogs. Awesome.

I pickled eight pints of cucumbers with dill from my mom's garden. And it just dawned on me that I forgot to give some to my sister when she was here an hour ago. Oops. Julia, come back for pickles!

I made raspberry jam.

I preserved some plums in honey syrup. Cannot WAIT to eat these on ice cream. And yogurt. And with cake. (Mmm, cake...)

I also roasted five pounds of plum tomatoes, and put most of them in the freezer. I made five pints of salsa, which, knowing Adam, will last about another month. I made some experimental spicy carrot pickles, and I put up four quarts and a pint of crushed tomatoes.

Lest you think I've lost sight of the trees for the forest, allow me to say I have been actually eating some of the summer's gorgeous produce, not just squirrelling it all away for winter. I made the wonderful gin-spiked tomato soup from September's Gourmet, Linkbut I forgot to take pictures. Sometimes we have popcorn and crudites while playing cribbage. Most often we just throw some veggies in a bowl with a simple vinaigrette and call it salad. I did, however, turn on the stove for something other than the canner and made something quite similar to this pasta last night, though I used some of those roasted tomatoes. I guess what I really want to say is, please bear with me while I get the madness out of my system. Even if I'm not blogging about it, you can keep up with the food I'm eating/canning through the photos on my Flickr stream if you are so inclined.


  1. you are so funny. i get obsessed like this too. right now i have about $100 worth of frozen fruit in my freezer for my green smoothie kick that i'm on. canning? oh, boy, i'd better not go there! (yet, i will keep the idea tucked into the back of my mind for someday soon)

  2. I have a tendency towards hoarding food (may have been a squirrel in a past life), so it's probably just as well I haven't learned to can...

  3. What I like about you (one of the many things) is that you are never, never, never afraid to try an involved and daunting recipe - you make the things that we all wish we had the courage to.

  4. I want that raspberry jam and those pickles!!!!!!! :)

  5. oooo would you share your salsa recipe with me? I've always wanted to make a good salsa! -jess gilpatrick

  6. People are going crazy for pickling right now and your jams look really pretty, but can you hide them until Christmas? Locally we have native grapes that don't grow in clusters, that make nice jelly. We did that two years ago, but not since, and are looking forward to getting back to it.They have to be foraged. They aren't sold in the stores. Looking forward to seeing the pickle pictures!

  7. i'm jealous! i need to read up on this canning thing, as i only have so much room in my freezer :) fabulous choices, too!

  8. Hi Honey,
    I"m reading your Twitter and your blog and decided I am going to leave your father and come live in your pantry for the winter and spend the summer in your freezer !!!
    jk - Dad is cooking tonight, hate to pass that up!
    Love, mom xoxo

  9. You are a canning goddess. Everything looks and sounds amazing. But where's that apple butter you mentioned in a recent tweet? Any pics?