Friday, April 1, 2011

Stone Soup Farm CSA: Spring Treat Share #1

It's here it's here it's here it's here!!

April Fool's!

No, not spring, obviously. Sigh. Behold the no-joke April Fool's Day snowstorm of 2011.

I mean the first Stone Soup Farm CSA share of the year!

Stone Soup Farm: Spring Share 1

Check it out! Lots of storage veg: carrots, potatoes, turnips, cabbage. Fresh spinach and arugula, eggs, and two pounds of local whole wheat bread flour from another farm out in Western Massachusetts. I made a couple of whole wheat baguettes yesterday, and the flavor is great. Wednesday night I stewed up our last quart of home canned tomatoes with a chopped onion and some garlic, added the spinach and cracked in a few eggs for dinner.

Eggs in Tomato Sauce

There are five more bi-weekly spring shares before the regular summer shares begin, and I'm so glad we signed up for the spring treat share. What about you, have your farm shares started yet? If not, what are you most looking forward to?


  1. Sigh. Our deep winter share just ended last week and I'm depressed about waiting until June for more. I'm intrigued about what you'll get. So far it seems similar to our deep winter shares - storage veggies and some greens were pretty typical.

  2. Ours don't seem to start here for months. I've really been meaning to get on signing up for a CSA. I'm shocked that yours starts so early. I wonder if these vegetables are really so hearty or if it's a greenhouse situation. Right now the weather seems so inhospitable to growing!

  3. Oh man, fresh from the farm arugula sounds so good!

  4. I love your picture! I live in Somerville and that was one not-hilarious-at-all-April Fools joke!

  5. Love the spring share... it's like a teaser for the summer. Man I miss the farmers markets... and well, summer weather. :)