Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stone Soup Farm CSA week 9? 10? I don't know.

CSA week 9 or 10 or I don't know.

Man oh man I have been bad at blogging this year's CSA share from Stone Soup Farm. For the first few weeks of pickups I was still in school and Adam picked up the share, so I never photographed it, then I sort of forgot about photographing the shares at all. Last week's pickup, however, was so beautiful that I remembered! Yay!

We got: two cubanelle peppers, two pounds of tomatoes, three ears of corn, one bulb of fennel, a bunch of parsley, half a pound of green beans, five cucumbers and a loooot of yellow and green zucchini. The sign at the pickup actually said "as much as you want!" under "cuke/zuke/squash" so that's exactly what I took. We ate the peppers fried with some onion and shredded chicken in fajitas last week. I was away this weekend, and I took the cucumbers  with me, but Adam ate the corn and green beans, and I used the fennel and some of the squash last night in pasta. I plan to pickle the rest of the zucchini. How about you guys? How are your CSAs going?


  1. Looks like you're getting quite a haul!

    I joined a CSA program for the first time this year and it's absolutely the best money I've spent in a long time. It's just enough to feed me and my husband for the week, usually with a bit going into the freezer as well, and everything is soooo delicious. We're starting to get a little overloaded with squash and cucumbers, too. I'm making at least one jar of refrigerator pickles a week (still afraid of real-live canning, convinced I'll kill at least one of us).

  2. Too funny, I did the same thing with the Stone Soup CSA today! I've been meaning to photograph our shares all summer long but summer activities got the best of me I guess. I remembered today though...did you?? ;)