Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last Gasps of Summer: Hot Dog Party!

Hot Dog Party!

Adam's birthday is at the end of August. It falls right around Labor Day and Boston's unofficial everyone-switch-apartments day but we usually squeeze in a get together. This year instead of a cookout, we had a hurricane tropical storm. Irene wasn't really so bad in our neck of the woods, we just sat on the couch and played a lot of cribbage. It felt like something was missing, though, so on Labor Day we had a little cookout.

We decided that instead of burgers and chicken and blah blah blah we'd keep the grilling focused on my personal favorite grilled food: the hot dog. (Let's be honest, hot dogs are up there in my top 5 favorite foods in all the land.) So to keep things interesting I went a little crazy on the condiments. Instead of a proper recipe today, I present several suggestions for awesome hot dogs.

The German Dog: homemade sauerkraut, whole grain mustard
The Kimchi Dog: chopped kimchi, sriracha if you're feeling spicy
The Chicago Dog: yellow mustard, sliced tomato, celery salt, kosher dill pickle spear, pickled banana peppers, chopped raw onion
The Nacho Dog: salsa (red or green, your choice), pickled jalapenos, monterey jack cheese, sour cream. If your husband happened to make corn tortillas for breakfast that morning, use one of those instead of a bun.
The Everything Dog: All of the above. Yeah, that happened.
The Classic: Yellow Mustard. Maybe relish.
The NIMBY: Ketchup. I didn't even put it out.

So, what do you put on your hot dog? 


  1. I put ketchup *and* mustard on my hot dog. Is that so wrong?

  2. Dude, nothing says "summer" and "perfect hot dog" to me more than a grilled red dog with ketchup and yellow mustard. There, I said it. Go ahead and judge me!


  3. I'm a German Dog fan. And the ketchup doesn't make an appearance here, either. :)

  4. HOT DOGS.

    I used to work a block from Central Park, & so there were a number of days when I ate a lunch of hot dog with spicy brown mustard while sitting on a green bench under a gigantic tree. Brown mustard is by far my favorite hot dog item (although I could certainly eat one or two with kimchi right now).

  5. Long live the everything dog!