Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh, hi, um, did you...?

This morning I noticed that the older couple across the street (well, across the dead-end street behind my house) were outside, so I went down in my bare feet and wet hair and inquired, every so innocently about my plants.

Me: Hi, I'm Adrienne, I live in that house over there. I think, um, that someone took some potted plants out of our yard yesterday, they usually live on the deck, but they're, um, refinishing it and they moved everything, and, um, did you happen to see anything? [Gosh I'm eloquent.]
Kindly neighbor: Oh, these plants?
Me: Hey! Yes! Those are mine!
Kindly neighbor: Oh I thought they were Fran's and I didn't know when they were coming back so I didn't want the weather to destroy them.
Me, sheepishly: Oh, um, yeah, it was, uh, supposed to rain today...

OKAY, so I didn't water my plants yesterday. It was SUPPOSED to rain! The mint came right back to life when I gave it a little drink. Anyway, the babies are home. See:

BTW, yes, I know the plants in that brown pot are yellowing from crappy drainage. I'm workin' on it. In conclusion, I wrote you a haiku:

Plants were MIA
I overreacted some

They're back on the porch

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