Thursday, October 21, 2010

And Now We're Married

It's true what they say about your wedding day flying by. It was a wonderful day, sunny and warm for New England October, but it seemed like we woke up, put on our party clothes and BOOM, it's over. Who's taking home the centerpiece? Is there any cake left? (No, there was not. I only had about four bites of cake and I WANT MORE.)

These wedding photos were taken by our photographer David Barnes. If you want to see more wedding photos, you can see some on Facebook on the David Barnes Photography page. I also want to point out that David is awesome: he is calm and collected even though we didn't have a ton of time for photographs (read: didn't stress us out one bit) and he still managed to get a ton of awesome shots. I can't wait to see the whole set!

Two other local Somerville businesses were totally awesome, so if you're in the market for flowers check out Nellie's Wildflowers in Davis Square. My bouquet was freaking gorgeous and it had baby pine cones in it! The centerpieces were exactly what we wanted, even though I was vague and unhelpful with my ideas. Our amazing cake was from Lyndell's bakery in Ball Square: holy chocolate frosting. I might have to go down there on our one month-iversary (please, did you think I was going to wait a year?) and get myself a tiny cake just so I can eat more of it. Four bites is not enough. 

Queechee Gorge

The day after the wedding we headed home from the Museum, packed up, and drove up to Woodstock, Vermont, to the Village Inn (warning: their website plays music) for a three day mini honeymoon (mini-moon?). It was perfectly delightful even if we were the youngest tourists in town. The thing is, retirees make dinner reservations, and we are young! and crazy! and newlyweds! Which means we only had reservations for one night (at Simon Pearce, where we had a gift certificate from the best man - thanks Tyler!) Luckily, there are tons of awesome restaurants in and around Woodstock and we managed to find great food every night. We had a really wonderful crab cake that I can't wait to recreate at Richardson's Tavern, and the house special whole fish at Mangowood was crispy and flavorful. 

I'm winning!

In addition to awesome food (breakfast at the Village Inn was unbelievably good), we got in two solid mornings of hiking and plenty of cribbage. We also tasted cheese and maple syrup and brought home plenty of deliciousness to savor for the next little while.

286/365: Woodstock

We've been back in Boston for about a week, and it's been a little weird adjusting back to real life. Not much is different, except that Adam wears a ring now. He still goes to work, I still go to school (oh, and I got a part time job doing prep work, so I go there, too, and make hundreds of spinach triangles), but we're not planning a wedding any more. Frankly, it's pretty nice. 

289/365: Raw Kale Salad

I'll be back again soon enough with something more substantial, but to ease back into things, here's a blurry picture of a salad for fall that we had a few days after we got back. It's made with a bunch of raw lacinato kale, center ribs removed and sliced into 1/4 inch strips, one sliced honeycrisp apple, and a nub of diced smoked gouda, with a handful of chopped walnuts for crunch. The dressing is red wine vinegar, salt, and olive oil, and you can just mix it all up and let it sit for an hour while you make the rest of dinner if you want. Raw kale can stand up to the vinegar without wilting much; it's even good the next day! 


  1. congrats!! gorgeous, and looks like you had a great day, too :)

    delicious salad, too, definitely done something like that myself many a nights!

  2. ZOMG museum wedding! Fun! Your dress is super-awesome and it looks like it was lovely. Congrats!

  3. 1) Congrats!!!!!! We were *this* close to getting married at the museum of science too. It such a cool venue!
    2) That catering place was at one of the tasting events I've been to last year (maybe The Taste of the Nation?) and I remember it being awesome. I want your life :)

  4. Your dress is beautiful & you both look so happy. Any mini moon that involves crib and Vermont is okay with me! And that kale salad, yum!

  5. Oh wow. I stopped by to leave a comment about how much I love your dress and your hair in your wedding photos, but being the easily distractable person I am, I'm now back from a good 10 minute detour to check out all your Flickr photos. And wow!!!! I can't wait to hear more, looks like you have been cooking up some amazing things. I'm jealous!

  6. Congrats!!! Such gorgeous photos and I love your dress! It is nice when the planning is over, isn't it? Hope you're having fun settling back into things :)

  7. Just lovely! Everything appears to have been extremely unique and personalized. I love it when weddings are planned in this manner.

    Congratulations again!

    PS: My boyfriend's company, The EchoNest, gets catering from your new company every Friday at their office in Davis. I'll have to tell him that you're making him lunch now :)

  8. Yay!! Congrats band-camp friend :) Mine's a couple weeks but your retelling makes me feel a little less nervous-in-the-belly about the whole thing. Take care !

  9. Gorgeous. Very, very cool and the pictures look gorgeous. I love the dress.

  10. yay! your pictures are awesome!