Friday, April 18, 2008


Christy can finally chew again after a week of wisdom tooth removal recovery, so last night we celebrated with burgers at Joshua Tree in Allston.

The strange part was when we walked in, the host asked us if we wanted to see the game. Now, if you've ever been to Joshua Tree in Allston, you know that there is nowhere in that place where you can't see the game. The tv screens are ginormous and everywhere. Anyway, although we did watch both games (Bruins won, Sox won, good night all around...) we were there for burgers. Courtney and I both got the "Californian" and Christy got the basic "Patriot." Apparently something becomes Californian if an avocado gets anywhere near it, and that is a-ok by me. Yum. Christy's basic cheeseburger "The Patriot" was satisfying as well. I think the highlight of the meal was the sweet potato fry option - I always feel better eating fries if they're made out of such a healthy starch, and it helps that they taste so darn good.

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