Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So. I made Jamie Oliver's Dad's "Superb Chicken." I'm underwhelmed. I thought the mushrooms were tasty, yes, and of course puff pastry makes anything better (hooray butter!) but in the end... it's still just a baked chicken breast. Ok, perhaps I underseasoned the shrooms, but the sauce was actually too potent for my tastes. It felt like overcompensating. And I should have wrapped the pastry with the extra edge under the chicken, not on top (I thought it might look pretty?). Maybe I should avoid things that rely on sauce? I'm not usually into them. My roommates enjoyed this, but it certainly isn't my favorite thing I've ever made. I also roasted some asparagus and grape tomatoes that were good (recipe from Eating Well), but I didn't even use the dressing I made to go with them... that'll probably go on a salad later this week.

Sorry for the bummer-y tone of this email. Lots of things are changing, and while I'm ready for the changes (very ready), it's still a growth process, and I'm having a hard time shaking off something silly. In other (good) news, I'm going to the Sox game with Christy tonight! Yess!


  1. i liked it. but you're right: how can something be all that bad when puff pastry's involved? and with tomatoes and asparagus to add.

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