Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New foods and old favorites

It is raining here in Boston, but it's not that terrible. You know why? Because it's muggy. Oh yes, muggy and humid and nasty but that means IT'S NOT WINTER ANYMORE. It actually feels like spring! My hair looks like a frizzy ball of fluff, but it's April! Weee!

Alas, the Boston Farmers' markets do not open up until May, but that is not stopping me from eating as much asparagus and springy vegetation as possible. Last week I made that dissappointing chicken thing, but the roasted asparagus and grape tomatoes alongside it were tasty. Then there was Tammi LaFever's Amazing Pasta Salad this weekend - twice. And last night I made my first bowl of quinoa (more on that in a second) and tossed some asparagus on top. For dessert: strawberries with Fage Yogurt and honey. It was a yummy night.

Since it was raining and the Whole Foods is closer to my house, I decided to take a break from my new further-away-but-cheaper-regular-grocery-store habit and splurge at the smaller and more expensive but tastier organicorporate spot. I wandered about with my list, making sure we had eggs for the banana bread I was going to make with three forgotten and overripe beauties I noticed that morning and when I made my way over to the bulk food section, there was only one empty bin.... of the quinoa I was determined to try that night! Curses. A helpful and friendly employee showed me the boxed quinoa three aisles over, and I am so glad I got it in a box, beacuse the instructions were key - one part tiny little grains to two parts water, bring to a boil, simmer for 15 minutes or until they become spirals. Love it. Christy was like, um, spirals? How will you know? I had no idea, until I took the lid off the pot 15 minutes later and... they were little spirals. So cool! And so tasty. They were like little buttery slightly crunchy and a little slippery, and I wanted to eat the whole pot. Instead, I took more inspiration from Heidi at 101 cookbooks and added some pan fried potatoes, asparagus, toasted walnuts and sauteed onions and garlic. I topped it with a little leftover lemon/mustard vinaigrette and a soft boiled egg. And goat cheese. Can you even imagine the awesomeness? I can't wait for lunch today.

PS. I promise I will do the following by the end of this week:

1. Remember to take pictures of my food and
2. Figure out how to post them

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  1. pasta salad was delicious - and i thank you once more for indulging my film studs.

    the quinoa was extremely tasty. i really liked its texture - very grainy and hearty. and of course, the goat cheese added that extra punch of flavor which is always welcomed.