Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to what?

So, have you ever found yourself trapped in the web of amusement that is Wikihow? I have a gadget on my google homepage with the "How-to" of the day, and today's new articles is titled How to Cook. Pardon me? You can get all of that in a page? Oookay. It's an encouraging article, but it's absolutely ridiculous. There are entire books on the subject. Many, many entire books. (And for that matter, many, many blogs.) How to Cook seems like a bit of a cheat, to me, but I suppose that's the trouble with the entire Wikihow world. On the other hand, the recommended/related articles at the bottom led me to this little gem: How to Cook for Your Girlfriend. Highlights include:

Assess Your Relationship: If you've been with a girl for a while, cooking a fancy meal that takes a lot of time to prepare can seem really romantic. If you just met the girl last week, however, that same meal can seem kind of creepy.

Go Grocery Shopping: You'll probably see a lot of girls at the grocery store; this is not the time to flirt.

Setting the mood: If you've only been dating a week, you might want to keep it simple: dim the lights, get a friend to guard the door to make sure no other girls stop by, and break out the thick, classy paper plates.

I think perhaps this article might be sliiightly toungue-in-cheek.

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