Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tasty Tucson

Last week I went to the desert. Ostensibly for a the wedding of a sister-of-friend-of-friend, but also to sit in the sun and work on my freckles. The weather was unseasonably cool when we arrived on Wednesday, though they had just come down from a heat wave of 104, and we tried a little laying out but only made it a couple of hours. Thursday we meandered across the mountains in our rent-a-bus and enjoyed the Desert Museum.

If you are ever in Tucson, you simply MUST go check it out, if only for the prairie dogs.

There are also beautiful flowers

And if you get hungry you can go get some Sonoran Hot Dogs at BK's in South Tucson.

These were highly recommended by Adam, even before I knew I was going to Tucson. This pic is blurry, but Megan was not actually this excited. At least, not as excited as she was for the legendary In-N-Out Burger! The farthest east In-N-Out just happens to be on East Broadway in Tucson, AZ. What's so amazing about this particular burger? Well, there is the secret menu, but also the meat is HOT and the vegetables are COLD. And it is tasty. Sometimes, if you're lucky, maybe Robert will be working and you can make a new friend.

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