Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Link Love: Canning Season!


I told you guys I made my first batch of jam this week... well, now I've got preserving on the brain. Last year I started in earnest May and ended up with quite a haul, and I feel like I've started so late this year! I know I need to do more red salsa this year since we finished that up before the tomato season came back around, and I definitely need to do dilly beans again because my friends can eat an entire jar of those in about five minutes.

I've been searching around for canning recipes to inspire me, and here are a few of them:

Tomato Jam from Food In Jars. I'm not really a ketchup person, but I love the idea of this on a burger.

I made jalapeno jelly last year, but these Pickled Hot Peppers from Well Preserved are definitely part of my can plan this year.

I'll probably pickle my walking onions using this recipe from Doris and Jilly.

As for things that get preserved but not canned, I'm definitely going to make more sauerkraut, but I really want to try making kimchi this summer. Anybody have a good recipe?

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