Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just imagine the pies this thing has seen.

Whale Bone Pastry Wheel

Sunday afternoon Adam and I went on a day date to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit (it closes in a couple of weeks, so go see it if you've been meaning to!). Adam's company makes a lot of the signs for the MFA and I hadn't seen the new wing yet, so we took a stroll through the Art of the Americas. Adam pointed out signs he had made and I looked at really old plates and art deco cocktail shakers. I opened a drawer under a giant painting of a ship and lo and behold, an ancient pastry cutter! Ok, not that old, but still, a fluted pastry from 1850. Made of whale bone. Cool.


  1. Dale Chihuly has a permanent installation in the MOMA in Oklahoma City. I've seen it a few times just because. It's so, so ridiculously beautiful.

  2. Oh, so I'm gone a couple of months and Adam starts taking credit for all of my hard work. I see....