Friday, November 2, 2012

Area Four

Area Four

Adam and I finally ventured into the all! new! Kendall Square today after a shopping blitz at the Cambridgeside Galleria. Incidentally, that's my new strategy for shopping, which I loathe: what do I need? Go in fast, get it, pay, and leave. No dilly dallying. Don't make eye contact with the tweenagers. I was in and out of Sephora in less than 6 minutes, but I got the mascara I needed, word.

But back to Kendall. There are all sorts of new restaurants over there and I haven't been able to check any of them out yet, but we both had pretty good weeks at work so out we went for celebratory pizza at Area Four. We split an appetizer special - big long crouton with fresh ricotta and broccoli rabe and chili garlic oil. The broccoli rabe was cold, like fridge cold, and I wished it had been at least room temp, but the flavor was good. The pizzas were great - piping hot and savory as all get out. Adam got the putanesca, not shy with the anchovies, and my clam and bacon was indulgently rich. Yum.

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