Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EVOO again

Robin, smiling and blurry

Had another lovely meal at EVOO in Cambridge tonight. I've always eaten well there, the service is good, and the Chef is incredibly nice. I'm at EVOO once a month or so for work - I run the student Chef for a Night program where a culinary student gets to work with Chef Peter McCarthy to add three items to his regular menu. I usually drag Adam along with me and since the menu changes so frequently he has literally never ordered the same thing twice. I always order the student's menu, which means I've never ordered the same thing twice, either!  Tonight I had a squash and apple soup, seared arctic char over the most buttery leeks I've ever eaten, and ginger pear crisp with toasted almond ice cream. That's Robin, the student chef, up there in the photo, and over here on the internet.

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