Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pie tip!

I learned an excellent pie trick from a pastry instructor at work today. Bake your pie on the bottom shelf! Then your bottom crust will cook as fast as the top since it's closer to the heating element and it won't be soggy. WORD. I am employing this trick at this very moment, in fact. My house smells like blueberry heaven.

Incidentally, regarding blueberry pie: I use Elise's filling and Ruhlman's 3:2:1 pie dough for the crust. This time around I'm trying pastry flour because I thought it might make a more tender crust. Will report back.


  1. So how did your crust turn out? I tried the Bob's Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour for my crust this year, and it was a fail. It was more like shortbread than pie crust and crumbled apart when touched.

  2. Ah, whole wheat flour absorbs a lot more liquid than white flour! You might try more butter or more water.