Monday, November 23, 2015

Meal Plan, Thanksgiving Week 2015

Meal planning for a holiday week is like woooooo what's in the fridge?

Sunday: chicken and orzo with lemon and olives

Monday: leftover kale/polenta stew, Josie will eat the end of the orzo from Sunday and probably a meatball or two from the freezer, or, like, peanut butter on a cracker? She's unpredictable these days.

Tuesday: Mac and cheese maybe? Something quick and easy and pasta focused for speed; I'll throw in some veggies. We have a bunch of sauteed mizuna in the fridge, plus kale, broccoli raab and peas in the freezer. Josie will not like the vegetables, but will enjoy the clementine for dessert.

Wednesday: sandwiches in the car. Josie gets to eat a real dinner at dinner time, but it's probably going to be a highlight real of favorites (citrus fruit! cheese stick! kwak-uhs!) just to get some calories in her before the drive to Maine during which she will (fingers crossed!) sleeeeeep.

Thursday: Turkey, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry relish, STUFFING, gravy.

Friday: sandwich with almost all of the above plus mayonnaise and lettuce (I don't tend to put green bean casserole on my sandwich, but you do what you feel, dude).

Here's a picture of my big kid, taken by our friend Fredo last weekend:

Josie so big

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