Sunday, November 11, 2012

30x30: Month 9

278: You just finished a half marathon, what are you gonna do now?!

Here is a picture of my celebratory beer from lunch today. You know why? Because I FINISHED A HALF MARATHON. At the moment I'm pretty sure my knees are about to explode but I FINISHED it and I didn't even cry. I wanted to, but I didn't. Woot! So I'm officially swapping out "finish a half marathon" for my "run a 10k in an hour" goal. Which brings me back to the list, on which I owe you an update.


Culinary goals: 2/6
I still have to make croissants, make sausage and throw two dinner parties. But I've checked off two out of six!

Professional goals: 1/4
I taught a class! But I still have some pretty heavy hitters on this list. I'm pretty sure these ones are not all going to happen.

Personal goals: 4/10
I've gone to Europe, cleaned up my google reader, purged my cookbook collection (and my whole book shelf, actually), and watched the Godfather Trilogy. I'm on day 278 of Project 365 and I'm on book 25 of 30, and I've managed to do a first pass at our wedding photos. I still have to deal with my 401(k) and my wedding dress and learn to use my camera's manual setting.

House Stuff: 6/7
The only thing left on this list is to figure out if my sewing machine is working or not, but not only did I buy curtains for the living room instead of making them, but I re-arranged the entire room, including a rug and some new shelves and a new TV stand. Basically our living room is now the coolest room in our house.

Fitnessy Things: 2/3
I still have to find a yoga studio, but I did two chinups and I'm trading out running goals: instead of a 10k in under an hour, FINISH A HALF MARATHON. Which I did. Today. So I'm going to go take some more ibuprofen.

Total: 15/30. Sweet, 3/4 of the time is up and I've accomplished half the goals. Hm. Looks like I'm going to have a busy couple of months.


  1. can i come to a dinner party?

  2. I can teach you about manual camera controls. Also, can I take photos of you making croissants? I'd love to try my hand at food/lifestyle photography :-)

  3. Yoga Studio? Bow Street Yoga. It's INCREDIBLE.

  4. Kelly, it's a date! Is wedding season over? What's your schedule like? Croissants are sort of an all day affair...