Sunday, March 20, 2011

Citrus Salad (and a little news!)

Citrus Salad

Is this winter a beast or what? Two days last week it was a balmy and delightful 60 degrees, now there's three days worth of snow and sleet and garbage in the forecast. I am way beyond ready for this to be over; I want to cook with asparagus! and peas! and fava beans! But at least I've got the tail end of citrus season to brighten things up.

I first made this salad for our second annual New Year's Day brunch after spotting it over on simplebites, but I've made it a few times since then. I skip the orange blossom water, but I thin the honey out with a little warm water, and I started supreming the citrus instead of just slicing it. (If you want to learn how to surpeme (that's soo-prem, not soo-preem), Tea has a great photo tutorial). There's no real recipe, just cut up some fruit, thin out a little honey and pour it on top, and sprinkle on a little mint. Boom.

Oh, and one more thing! Monday the 28th of March (in like a week) I'll be the student guest chef-for-a-night at EVOO Restaurant in Cambridge. I'm meeting with Chef Peter McCarthy on Tuesday to figure out the menu, and according to my classmates who've done this before, it should be a great night! If you're interested in coming you might want to make your reservations now, the last one filled up fast. Hope you can come!