Sunday, August 17, 2014

On hiatus.

So.... six months have gone by since my last post, it seems. Oof. I miss this space, I really do, but then this giant donut shaped belly

Became this sleepy newborn girl,

Who is now this crazy, smiling, squirming bundle of love.

I spend my days catering to the whims of an infant, and so I honestly haven't been cooking much. A sliced tomato with salt, cheese and crackers, the occasional scrambled egg, and one tiny batch of blueberry jam just to stay in the game, but I think I'd better declare it: I'm on hiatus. I've got three more weeks of maternity leave, and then it's back to work, back to routine. Once we've got a schedule figured out (which I'm sure Josie will just laugh at maniacally and change as soon as it's established) I hope to be back. Till then, I hope you're eating well, my friends.