About Hungry Bruno

Hungry Bruno is written by me, Adrienne. Bruno is my last name; Hungry is my state of being. And by that I mean I'm hungry for adventures in the kitchen-which is an admittedly cheesy but apt turn of phrase-and also that I eat a lot of snacks.

I started this blog in 2008 as a way to stop annoying my roommates, who didn't want to talk about food as much as I did. I figured the internet might care, so I started talking to it instead. Life progressed: I moved again, I fell in love, we moved in, and we got engaged. Then in August of 2010 I quit my job as a commercial insurance broker to go to The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. We got married (at the MoS! it was a really fun day), and in the spring of 2011 I graduated from The CSCA and started a job in the catering department of Formaggio Kitchen, an awesome cheese shop in Cambridge. After about a year of cheese platters, a job opened up at the school, and then I worked at The CSCA in Student Services - I was sort of a guidance counselor for budding chefs and I helped with a lot of resumes. Now I work at MIT in the Chemical Engineering department and my kitchen exploits are no longer in a professional capacity!

So, about the food. The recipes on Hungry Bruno are vegetable-heavy, because that's how I eat - mostly veggies, not a ton of meat, though it does show up here on occasion. We like to make things from scratch here, and I am a little terrified of non-food items masquerading as actual-food foods. I try to shop at the farmers' markets while they're open (which in Boston means early June - Thanksgiving). I like dessert, but I like dinner better. You will not see watermelon on this blog (shudder). Things I like very much include apples, cheese, fried eggs with hot sauce, hummus, and leafy greens.

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Oh, and finally - thank you for asking but I don't want to review your product, especially if it's a four calorie cookie or protein water. (WTF is IN that stuff?) No need to send it over because I won't talk about it here.