Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phase 2, and Vacation!

I'm leaving tomorrow, for a long-awaited vacation to Portland and Seattle. In the flurry of packing and planning and making verrrry long lists of restaurants and sites to see, I haven't really been cooking much.

But I did plant some plants! Memorial Day found Adam and I the roof deck getting splotchy sunburns (ahem) and initiating phase 2 of the garden. (Phase one was planting some hardy greens and tomato and hot pepper seeds, seen here).

So we got some seedlings at Russell's for things I didn't start on my own, and some "tumbling tom" tomatoes that are apparently quite good for containers - the trail down the side of the pot instead of climbing up a cage. I also got a couple of traditional upright tomatoes.

It's possible I went a little overboard on the herbs. Above are silver-edged thyme, lemon-thyme and lime-thyme, which was Adam's pick. In front of them are carrots and radishes, direct-sowed in the container.

Here are chives and garlic chives, and then my half-barrel of greens. NOTICE the hole in the middle, she says with indignation. It seems a CRITTER of some sort has eaten the baby chard! At least it left the bok choy and spinach... [Update: This morning I went up and they had eaten half the bok choy and half the spinach. Squirrels, if you had told me you like greens, I would have planted you your own! Sigh. -ACB, May 28]

Friends, I am sorry to be leaving you with just photos of potential food, but I am very, VERY excited about this trip. I hope to come back with plenty of food porn photos and stories, and maybe if I'm lucky, some new recipes!

By the way, if you're in the Pacific Northwest and you want to play or have suggestions, shoot me an email! Maybe we can figure something out :)


  1. They look very, very happy. :o)

  2. Hey, potential food counts. I keep wanting to start a herb garden on the fire escape outside my window, but fear the wrath of my landlord and the fire inspector.

  3. Enjoy portland! We just got back from there and it was so, so nice.