Monday, June 15, 2009


I got back from vacation over a week ago, but already it feels like forever. I have been putting off and putting off telling you about my trip because I've been agonizing over the details like "Oh, but I have to tell them about Simpatica! Oh, but I don't have a good photo of Samantha and Dave!" And then I realized that I'll never be able to get to all the things that made this trip wonderful. I've shown you some highlights, but if you're looking for allll the photos from the trip, I've added a link to my Flickr photos over there on the right.

Let's get into some more highlights, shall we? Our first breakfast in Portland was Pine State Biscuits; one order of sausage gravy and one order of mushroom gravy later we were very, very happy campers. Oklahoma-born Adam said they were, ahem, the best biscuits he has ever eaten. I'm pretty sure that's a ringing endorsement. If you're in Portland, go there. Get biscuits. Be happy. Plus, it smells AMAZING in there.

And while we're talking breakfast, we're going to have to talk about Voodoo Doughnuts (the Magic is in the Hole!). We went in for a sampling of donuts and then down the street for Stumptown Coffee (omg delicious). I showed you the photo above already, but behold, the aftermath:

As much as we wanted to, we just couldn't do it. Now, I've already told you about Paley's Place, where we had scrumptious rabbit ravioli, razor clams, and rhubarb financier, and Widmer Brothers with its excellent beer and tasty veggie burger. I also have to mention how nice it is to plan a trip online. All I had to do was ask the hivemind of Twitter where I should eat in Portland, and not only did Samantha provide a list, she suggested we get together for a meal! We went to Simpatica Catering because they had a great dinner there the night before, and really, the brunch did not disappoint. I've got plans to recreate my light-as-a-feather crepes full of veggies as soon as possible. One other tasty thing from Portland I look forward to re-creating: the specialty cocktail from Blue Hour with jalapeno tequila and mango puree. Woo!

As a parting shot, here is my favorite succulent plant ever, Hens & Chicks. They were all over the rock walls. Ok, I know that's not the most logical and orderly post I've ever posted, but come back tomorrow for an illogical and disorderly post about Seattle, ok?


  1. Do tell more about the donut with the bacon resting upon its frosting!

  2. Ah, yes, that's the maple bacon donut. Classic donut, maple frosting, topped with bacon. AKA the donut that made Anthony Bourdain jump up and down.

  3. OMG! I want some Stumptown right now! Is it not ridiculously delicious??? Mmmmmmm...

  4. It was indeed ridiculously delicious. I'm hoarding a bag of beans, because I can't bring myself to brew them, since then I won't have them anymore. Sigh.