Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend food recap, 2x toddler party edition!

Weekend recap! Saturday we had chicken wings, which Adam LOVED and Josie enjoyed and I thought were just ok. I overcooked them a bit, I think. Also Trader Joe's kale yogurt dip, which is their "reduced guilt" version of spinach artichoke that doesn't actually contain any spinach or artichoke. It's delicious.


Sunday we went to the neighbor's house for a cookie decorating party with a bunch of toddlers. It mostly turned into a cookie eating party, but not till we ate more delicious chicken wings and some Mexican lasagna casserole thingy that was really tasty.


Tonight we'll have pot roast that I pressure cooked in the instant pot yesterday, plus leftover hash from brunch. Oh! Right! We had friends over for brunch.


I made the cinnamon-toast French toast from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook (divine!) plus whipped cream, blueberries and maple syrup, and Adam made a hash of brussels sprouts, potatoes, and chicken sausage, which was really really excellent. Of course we also #putaneggonit. I didn't get any good photos of the food, but I couldn't believe how well the kids table thing actually worked. We put it in between the living and dining rooms, and the girls sat! and ate! long enough for the grownups to also sit and eat! Then they wandered around the room playing and there's some french toast in my rug but WHO CARES it was so fun.

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