Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Whole 30 day 16

Good morning day 16! 

Day 16. Over the hump! On the down hill slope! MORE THAN HALF WAY DONE.

Let's catch up on meals: 

Day 13 (Saturday)
Breakfast: Baked eggs over mushrooms and swiss chard, turkey bacon, black coffee
Lunch: Leftover NNP spicy tuna cakes, roasted broccoli and black radish, green beans, sunshine sauce
Dinner: Broiled salmon, sauce of mayo/capers/parsley/lemon, cucumber/avocado/scallion salad, roasted turnip soup

Day 14 (Valentine's day)
Breakfast: Hubs and kiddo had oatmeal, I had the last bits of salmon and green beans plus two fried eggs.
Lunch: A couple slices of turkey rolled around the last few bites of the cuke/avo salad, half a lara bar, and like an hour later a hard boiled egg
Dinner: Our favorite Zuni Cafe roasted chicken, sauteed power greens and burst cherry tomatoes, boiled fingerling potatoes for scooping up the chicken fat and juices from the roasting pan (by far the best part of the meal, yum).

Day 15 (President's Day holiday)
Breakfast: The end of the sauteed greens and cherry tomatoes, two poached eggs, one chicken sausage
Lunch: We went to a friend's house about 40 mins away for brunch; I brought smoked salmon (Costco hollaaaah) and a spanish tortilla and more mayo with capers and parsley. With the exception of a couple pieces of prosciutto and some grapes it was the only thing I could eat! So I ate rather a lot of it. When we got home at 2:30 I finished the turnip soup and the other half of that Lara bar from the day before.
Dinner: Chicken soup with onion, carrot and celery, leftover potatoes for starch and all the meat I could pull off the chicken.

I made the stock for the soup using the carcass of the roasted chicken from Sunday, and I did it in the instant pot. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it was.... fine? A little flat tasting but I saved the carrots for the actual soup and just chucked in the small mixed bag of veg scraps I had in the freezer (mostly celery and parsley and mushroom stems). I should have put an onion in there, too, but.... I didn't. It was quick compared to other stock making methods, at least, though it wasn't like lightning. I put in the bones, the veg scraps, and filled the pot 2/3 with water. Perhaps I should have added some fish sauce or cider vinegar? Anyway I put it on high pressure for an hour, but it took about 30 mins to come up to pressure, and then once it was done I let it release naturally for another hour, but by then I was ready to use it in the soup so I had to manually release it. The soup was fattier than mine usually is because I didn't chill the stock and scrape off the fat layer, but I guess that's ok for my purposes this month? I think I'll continue experimenting with pressure cooker stock, though. 

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