Friday, February 5, 2016

Whole 30 Day 5

I've been logging my Whole 30 on the forums, but I thought I should move it over here since this is where I usually write. I'm at the half way point now, and I'll keep posting in both places, I think. I'm back dating the previous posts so they make a little more sense. –ACB 2/16/16

Ok, Day 5, hello there! Not so grumpy today but that is likely because my darling daughter only screamed at me for like one minute this morning instead of the hour and a half that we have together. Thanks, kid! 

Breakfast was, again, two eggs, a chicken apple sausage, some spinach and half a sweet potato. I'm getting pretty bored of the sausage (it's too sweet!) but I still like eggs. Going to have to buy some squash and other root veggies this weekend so I can stop eating sweet potatoes at every meal! Blargh, just remembered I have another one packed for lunch today. Oh, I did change it up and put some coconut cream on the SP today, that was DELICIOUS. I think I might make a lamb curry type dealy-do this weekend and do a coconut creamed spinach to go with it. Maybe with raisins? Mmmm.

I am enjoying the challenge of thinking up interesting dinners within the parameters of W30, so at least there's that. I am getting a little bit meat fatigued, though. I miss beans and tofu and vegetarian food. I think I need to start incorporating more fish into my rotation. 

My mini meal today is my favorite egg salad with frank's hot sauce, hot smoked paprika, and mayo. I prefer it with poppy seeds too but just before I started w30 I mixed the poppy seeds into a batch of the grain blend I use when I make bread! I'll probably have to make some soon for hubs and daughter but will wait till I'm strong enough to resist the delicious aroma  :blink:

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