Monday, May 12, 2008

There is no photo to do these cookies justice.

After a really lovely and long walk around Cambridge in the sunshine including stops for boys and stops for girls and lots of mocking of unnecessary kitchen gadgets (and a tasty quesadilla at Miracle of Science), I finally made my way back to Brighton late on Sunday afternoon. I called my darling cousin Dominique, who graduates from BC this coming weekend (go, smartypants go!) but finished her finals an interminable week ago. Needless to say, her still-studying housemates were glad to see her leave the apartment. We chopped chocolate, we mixed dry goods, we went to the store for more rolled oats, and we generally futzed about the kitchen while the lemon chicken marinated. The end result was the sweet + salty = deliciousness of these cookies. I'm sure the high quality Green & Black's vanilla white helped, but I don't even like white chocolate and I loooved these. These will be the cookies I send to people when they do nice things for me. Yes.

My original reaction to this recipe was hey! An excuse to buy Maldon Sea Salt! I aspire to be on of those people with 15 kinds of salt in the cupboard, so thank you, Deb, for the recipe and the reason.

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