Sunday, July 6, 2008

Feast on the Fourth

So, this weekend, America turned... 232 years old. Happy Birthday, girl. Also happening this weekend: a trip to Maine (the second in two weeks), an introduction and SO MUCH EATING.

On the menu:
Lobster, 1 1/4 pounders, soft shelled and super duper sweet...

Expertly grilled steak (thanks Dad!) to complete the surf and turf celebration...

Crispy grilled potatoes with onions and rosemary from the garden...

And the best bean salad ever (thanks, Mom!), with bacon and parsley, made with Rancho Gordo yellow eyes. Adapted from Emeril's recipe here - I'm definitely going to make this one soon.

Spike was envious. Sorry, buddy. No lobster for you.

How could it have been anything less than delightful in such a setting? No, that's not a weed in the brick pathway, that's escaped oregano. Apparently it really wants to make it to the lawn.

No frogs legs on the menu, but they did hang out with us a little bit. As a last bit of housekeeping, you should know I opened up the comments to non-registered users so feel free to say hi, and thank my mom for pointing out that tidbit. I hope you all had a delicious Independence Day!


  1. Wow, that is truly a feast! Those grilled potatoes looked divine! What type of pan are you using on the grill? Is it a foil lined rimmed baking sheet? If so, man, that's a terrific idea! I grill often and you can bet I'm going to try that probably tomorrow! PS: Great looking kitty cat!

  2. Good Morning Paula,
    Mama Bruno here....the potatoes are the best and the secret is to microwave them firs then slice them in quarters the long way. I cover a grill pan with heavy duty tin foil then add LOTS of olive oil, sea salt and rosemary. Cook till golden crispy on the outside. They stay light and fluffy on the inside...enjoy!

  3. I so can't wait for summer!

  4. That seals it: I love this blog. I'm blogrolling you.

    PS: Adriennes rock.

  5. Oh my! Sistadoggie, oops! I mean, Mama Bruno did rock the scrumptious feast ~ nice of Papa Bruno to pitch in too ~ everything looks delicious, glad to see that a fine time was had by all :) xo Auntie P. . . . um. . . Quiltdoggie!