Sunday, August 1, 2010

What to eat while camping.

When camping, it is very important to bring friends who like shitty beer, pithy t-shirts, and travel Scrabble. 

211/365: Travel Scrabble

It is also important to be open minded when confronted with a person whose approach to certain campfire cooking methods may be different from yours.

There are two schools of campfire bacon

I suggest bringing along a pup for company if you can, or barring dog ownership (sad face), you should track down a friend with a lapdog


You should also bring your friend who likes fishing but doesn't really like fish. Ideally she would have two different tackle boxes but only bring the fresh water box. 

Sometimes Tammi catches catfish.

Then, while reading an excellent book, come across a passage about the author's mother's bacon-wrapping phase. Read aloud the sentence about stuffing hotdogs with cheese before wrapping them in bacon. Consensus of your fellow campers will be: yes, try this.

Don't cut all the way thorugh

Find some plump dogs in the cooler (Nathan's are a delightful weiner, but too skinny for this particular application. These, I believe, are store brand), then, using that handy little knife with a sheath that you always bring out to the kitchen-in-the-woods, slice it most of the way through.

Cheese in dog

Fold a slice of American cheese in half, then fold one half in half again. Stuff this folded half-slice into the slit you've made. 

Bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed.

In order to thwart the oozing of the cheese over the fire, wrap the stuffed hot dog in bacon. 

212/365: Skewered

Skewer twice, for easier flipping, and cook to desired doneness over a fire built from logs you chopped apart with someone's dad's old hatchet. Note: it's ok to have a camp-mate do all the chopping, you're busy wrapping things in bacon. 

Variety of done-ness

Make sure you leave a few of the batch on the less crispy side, for those who side with Team Floppy Bacon. Stuff into a bun and add mustard if that's your style. Forget to take a picture of the final product, because you're too busy chewing. 


  1. Fun! Delicious! Makes me want to go camping, and I haaaaate camping.

  2. Fun post, dri-spot! Way to change it up for the season!! xo

  3. I've added these to the menu for the shower on Saturday, k?? :)

  4. Be still my heart. You are a camping junk food diva!

  5. Umm...those hot dogs look incredible. Perfectly not-good-for-you camping food,

  6. these are great hot dogs!! cheese and bacon...oh my!!

  7. My mouth waters and my heart aches when I see those pics. (Well, not so much an ache as a shooting pain.)

  8. We have to have hot dogs when we camp too and these elevate them to a whole new level! Oh, and I'm jealous of that travel Scrabble board too!