Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm not going to end this post with a recipe for corned beef and cabbage, or try to get you to drink green beer, but Sunday was South Boston's annual St. Patrick's day parade so I'm going to show you some pictures of cute kids.

(and one cute dog.)
And girls in matching flag sweaters.
And little girls with flags.

And little boys sharing their beads. Aw.

And me with the mayor! Pardon me sir, would you mind taking a picture with me? Sure, let's face this way because of the light. Wow, Mr. Mayor, you're better at this than I am. Yeah, I do this for a living.
Balconies were popular.

And there were some clowns. Very observant clowns.

Oh, and storm troopers. Did you know they were Irish?

Also, the parade is a day for costumes.

This one is questionable at best, but her friends thought it hilarious that I wanted a picture.

I'm pretty sure I went to college with this guy (in the Maine shirt) but I didn't see him until I uploaded my photos. Tyler? Is that you?

And also there were old guys in a band on an old fire truck. Plus it was 55 degrees and sunny. Not a bad St. Patrick's day tradition. Not bad at all.

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  1. Those are great photos. Maybe one year I should go out and photograph all the people celebrating it in my area...except you'd just mostly see them wearing green and drinking the sun. :p