Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paper Chef 39: The Challenge

It is my great pleasure to be hosting/judging this month's Paper Chef challenge! In case you need a refresher, here are the rules, but the long and short of it is: you have to make something delicious from the ingredients I'll reveal below. You can add whatever you need, you're not limited to just these four things as long as they are included. Blog it up, and email it to paperchef AT gmail DOT com by midnight on Tuesday, April 7th. The roundup will be posted on Paper Chef shortly thereafter and then I'll be announcing the winner!

Shall we begin?
This is Michelle. Yesterday was Michelle's birthday! Happy birthday, Michelle! What's our first ingredient?
OOoooooOO! 1. Blackberries.

This is Jim. Today is Jim's birthday. Happy birthday, Jim! What's our second ingredient?

Can you read that? 2. Artichokes! And me having just learned how to attack them! Sweet.

This is Erin. It is not her birthday. Sorry, Erin. What's our final secret ingredient?

Can you tell from the motion blur I'm used to photographing things that stay still? 3. Bulgar!

So there you have it. Blackberries, Artichokes, Bulgar. And for my selected ingredient, let's go with Salmon. Gotta get those omega-3 fatty acids, right? Plus, yum.

Oh, and this is Tarig. He was sad he didn't get to pick an ingredient out of the bowl. Sorry Tarig, and thanks for the delicious eggplant thing whose name I forget.

So, blackberries, artichokes, bulgar, salmon. Get those creative juices flowing, get cooking, and good luck!


  1. Hmm.

    Can the salmon be smoked?

  2. Well, I was thinking fresh, but I didn't specify. You could always smoke/cure it yourself! Mwahhahaha

  3. ooh ooh ooh - i have an idea. Except I have no idea how to handle artichokes. I guess I have some reading to do!

  4. This is going to be very interesting. My partner is already scared of what may eventuate out of these ingredients!

  5. My hubby's birthday was yesterday too.

    Blueberries and artichokes? That's a challenge!

    Gotta start thinking!

  6. Weird. I'll keep my eye out for any blackberry/artichoke/bulgar/salmon recipes. lol, this is fun.

  7. Always this is a
    Oh my!
    Have I ever seen a recipe with blackberry/artichoke/bulgar/salmon in it? It's that blackberry that puts it into the paper chef.

  8. Question: The rule says submission ends on NOON of Tuesday whereas in this post it says MIDNIGHT of Tuesday. Is the deadline then noon or midnight? Thank You.

  9. I can't find anywhere that says noon, but the deadline IS midnight, tonight!

  10. Adrienne,

    Thank You for clearing that out.

    FYI, the 'rules' link provided in the second line says: ".....On the first Wednesday of every month at some point prior to Noon, I will announce a list of four ingredients that must be used, along with any other ingredients you choose, to make a dish and then write about it by your Noon on Tuesday, 7 days later. An impartial judge will pick the best ..."