Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paper Chef 39: The Winner!

Have you checked out Ilva's roundup yet? So many entries this month! Apparently, people liked the blackberry/bulgur/artichoke/salmon combo. I didn't get to participate due to an impromptu and delightful trip to Brooklyn on the competition weekend, but I AM inspired by all these entries. And with that, we begin the tally and countdown - the winner is announced at the bottom of this post!

To start, Kizzy of Culinary Annotations created a FOUR COURSE MEAL! Kizzy's photos are beautiful and the menu sounds great.

Next up is Harini of Clean Platter with with her vegetarian interpretation: Tangy Eggplant Rolls and Blackberry-Mango-Chickpea Salad. Looks delicious, and I love that the blackberries are whole.

Last month's winner Mike of Spikey Mikey's used his blackberries in a sauce for his Pan fried Salmon with a Blackberry Sauce Served with Bulgar Coated Artichokes, and the little pitcher he served it in is just so adorable I almost can't stand it.

Speaking of cool sauce, check out the blackberry butter Jenny of I Could Even Eat a Baby Deer used for dipping artichokes and salmon and bulgur falafel. Hi, my name is Adrienne and I love falafel. This looks great, Jenny!

Amanda's Baked Stuffed Artichokes with Blackberry Sage Puree over at Hunger for New Ways make me want to stuff myself. With stuffed artichokes. Yum.

Laura from Tiramisu created this gorgeous Poached Salmon with Blackberry Sauce, Bulgur salad and artichokes. This photo is actually making my mouth water.

Speaking of mouth watering, Tricia from Jonski Blogski made Pan-Seared Bulghur-Encrusted Salmon with Blackberry-Artichoke Coulis.

Ilva's Bulgur Salad with Smoked Salmon, Artichokes and Blackberry Vinaigrette is just stunning in its simplicity, and I really admire the resourcefulness of using blackberry jam!

That brings us to the People's Choice Award! Way to go Malik of Fyreside Kitchen, people loved your Artichoke Stuffed Salmon with Blackberry Chutney and Maple Butter served with White Bean and Bulgur Gallettes. It looks wonderful!

I'm sure by now you've narrowed it down and you know who the winner is, but let me officially congratulate Bron of Bron Marshall!

Her Salmon Terrine with Couscous Blackberries and Artichoke Mayonnaise takes the proverbial cake. I mean, hello, she made her own mayonnaise. Congratulations Bron, very creative. Good luck picking the ingredients and judging the May edition!

So that's it for this month, folks! Hope you enjoyed the challenge and the tally, and maybe next month you'll participate too.


  1. Great choice, I'd love to be served that terrine but it must have been hard to decide!!

  2. Oh my! Thank you! I really can't believe it, all the dishes were so fantastically inspired... the 4 courses, blackberry chutneys, the salads, the falafels... Wow I mean wow! Thank you!

  3. Congratulations Bron!

    I loved to participate, so many ideas, so many recipes to try.

    Keep cooking!

  4. Many Congratulations Bron! The Salmon Terrine is scrumptious and beautifully photographed as well.

  5. Such a great combination of dishes!

  6. Congratulations! It was a great line-up too!

  7. Beautiful Bron. Stunning. I am in awe of all of you because I couldnt come up with a thing.