Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stone Soup Farm CSA: Week Four

CSA Week 4
The Share was a bit lighter this week, and I was bummed not to see any more kohlrabi - my mom requested last week's slaw for the Independence Day festivities up in Maine.

We got lettuce, zucchini, two turnips, parsley, a half pound of shelling peas, and some Tuscan kale. I'm going to attempt that raw kale salad again tonight, maybe with some grilled fish. Last night I roasted some beets from another farm*, chopped up the turnip, sauteed the peas, washed the lettuce, and made us a giant salad. It was not the best salad I've ever eaten, but that's the thing about the CSA: you eat what you get, and sometimes it's not exactly what you want to eat in that moment.

I've set my sights on that zucchini for tonight as well, an old favorite method my mom used to employ when faced with the glut of garden zucchini. Speaking of, we harvested our first eight-ball zucchini from The Monster this week! Sauteed with some cherry tomatoes and tossed in pasta with copious amounts of garden herbs, they were quite satisfying. What do you do when you have vegetables in the house that you're not particularly craving?

*Yes, even though we get a lot of vegetables every week, I still shop at farmer's markets to supplement the haul. The email from Stone Soup said we might be getting beets, so I started to get all excited about beets, and when we didn't end up getting any, I bought some from another farmer. I regret nothing.


  1. One thing I'm doing to try to stave off salad fatigue is use the mandoline to get different textures. It makes a salad full of diced cucumbers feel difference from a salad full of thinly sliced cucumbers.

  2. We highly second what Joy said: The Red Cat serves a great zucchini saute-julienne zucchinis fine. Take a small handful of sliced almonds. Add almonds to medium hot pan till lightly colored, toss in zucchini till just wilted and serve with a few shavings of parm. It's really good.

  3. yes! make mucver. it's a fritter made from grated zucchini mixed with lots of fresh summer herbs (flatleaf parsley, mint, dill, etc), a white cheese, egg, and flour. perfect for zucchini excess!!! :-) beets sound very exciting btw. fingers crossed!

  4. Joy! That's genius. I will try it with next week's veggies.

    Phil/Lauren - Zucchini and almond sounds like a great textural contrast.

    Reg-o. I have all of those things in the house right now, except the zucchini. Because we just sliced it up and grilled it. Next time!

  5. I research the heck out of recipes to find something that sounds amazing. PS - that's why I can't commit to a produce CSA. I can still support those same farmers at the farmers market. I am super excited about my meat CSA (first pick up is July 31!!).