Friday, January 16, 2009

Menu For Hope V, or I'm a Winner!

Did you bid on anything during Menu For Hope this year? I did, and Oh. My. Gosh. DUDES! I won it! I won a $100 gift card to King Arthur Flour!

This is really very exciting. I have my eyes on the dough whisk and a silicone baking mat, but I'm open to other suggestions... What's the baking item YOU can't live without?

Also, thanks to Susan at Wild Yeast for offering such a great prize!


  1. The silicone mats are a real lifesaver. I'd be all over that 3-tiered cupcake carrier, though. Congratulations! What a great cause.

  2. HI HOney,
    Do you have a nice pie plate? They've got a nice looking one if you don't. Also, free shipping if you spend over 50.00.

  3. Lucky you! I totally tried to win that prize. It's probably best for my pantry that I didn't. :) Have fun ordering!

  4. I second the cupcake carrier... I have it on my must-have's list. if you're into baking breads frequently, invest in the pound of yeast with the airtight yeast container for the fridge. it keeps for a year in the fridge. I got them for xmas and it's so convenient. I have my eye on the baker's mat and the pain de mie loaf pan with lid.