Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Whole 30: What I Ate For Dinner, Week Three

Monday: I turned leftover Zuni chicken into chicken and veg soup. It was not attractive so no picture!


Tuesday: Moroccan spiced shepherd's pie two ways - beans for Josie and Adam, lamb for me


Wednesday: lamb chops, sweet potatoes, sauteed spinach

Thursday: scrambled eggs before yoga, banana and almond butter after yoga


Friday: egg drop soup, zoodles sauteed in ghee with crispy prosciutto, a few slices of deli turkey, a grapefruit


Saturday: salmon broiled with taco seasoning, delicious salad of romaine, quick lime juice pickled
red onion, avocado, mango and cucumber


Sunday: NNP's cracklin' chicken again, cauliflower salad

Breakfasts were mostly eggs, leftover things from dinner (lamb chops!) avocados, costco chicken sausages. One very enjoyable brunch at a friend's where everything was W30 compliant!

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