Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grocery Store Tourism

Knowing how much I enjoy grocery shopping, after breakfast today our hosts suggested we check out their local grocery chain. They promised lots of Texas shaped foods, and boy, did HEB deliver.

Say you're having a barbecue and you want people to know you're from Texas. You also want to make stuffed jalapenos but you're not sure how you're going to keep them from falling through the grill rack. I have a solution for you.

Jalapeno Pan

People are probably going to want snacks at your party. Maybe some salsa and chips?

Texas Shaped Tortilla Chips

And you know everyone loves your pasta salad, so now you just have to declare your loyalty.

Go Team

Of course, you could just stay neutral.

Texas Pasta

And you're going to want to put some cheese out for snacking.

Texas Cheese

Ah, but as you cut into that cheese the shape won't be as easy to see. Might as well just go with a party tray.

Texas Tray

And of course, crackers and cheese go together like football and beer, just pick a flavor.

Texas Crackers

Or go with the lighter option...

100 Calories of Texas

Then there's this product, which is amazing on so many levels. TexaFrance pestos. Note the cactus and Eiffel Tower motifs. Note also that pesto is Italian.

TexaFrance Pesto


  1. This is hysterical! Texas pride is obviously very alive and well.

  2. Ladies, it was awesome. This is mostly just the Texas shaped things, but there were an awful lot of Texas flavored things, too. I guess they were sort of jalapeno-barbecue-y, but I did not try them.