Monday, November 14, 2011

Restaurant Marliave

The Marliave

My mom and dad are in town for a pharmacy conference today and tomorrow (my dad is speaking at his alma mater, which is pretty cool) so Adam and my sister and I went out to dinner with my mom. We ate at Restaurant Marliave, which I always want to call either Café Marliave or just The Marliave. It's one of Boston's oldest restaurants, and it's got special significance in my family; my mom's parents used to go on dates there. Adam and I went out for reuben sandwiches there right after we got engaged. If you haven't eaten enormous sandwiches while keeping your brand new engagement secret from your waiter, I highly recommend it.

Tonight I did something I never do anywhere: I ordered the chicken. Julia actually said "woah, you never order the chicken." But guys, the chicken? It was so freaking good. Crispy and salty, with mushroom risotto and big cloves of delicious roasty garlic. So good. The reubens, obviously, are wonderful, the cocktails are excellent and the cheese selections are spot on. I don't generally talk about restaurants in this space (I don't feel like restaurant reviews on blogs are fair if you've only eaten in a place once), but Restaurant Marliave is a reliable winner.

Restaurant Marliave
10 Bosworth Street
Boston, MA 02108


  1. I honestly think I've only once had a bad Reuben; it's my go-to sandwich when I'm out for lunch, mostly because my honey won't go near sauerkraut so I don't get it nearly often enough. Nice writing; cool blog.

  2. Meg & I are big fans. In addition to all their other bits of awesome, we recently discovered that they do $1 oysters daily from 4-6 PM and 9-10 PM.