Friday, February 26, 2016

Whole 30 day 26

Day 26 HOLLAAAAA! Holy shit only four days left!

Starting to think about reintroduction, which feels crazy. 

Day 25 meals: 
1: three eggs with prosciutto and mushroom, half a sweet potato, 1/4 of an avocado
2: 3 slices turkey, cherry tomatoes, guacamole mini
3: leftover shrimp and broccoli, sweet potato, olive oil for fat
4a (pre yoga class): scrambled eggs, salsa, 1/4 avocado
4b (post-yoga class): 2 hard boiled eggs, guacamole mini, small bell pepper cut in strips

Day 26 so far: 
1. three eggs, prosciutto and mushrooms, most of an apple with almond butter (shared with toddler!)
2: two hard boiled eggs, 2 guac minis, cup of cherry tomatoes, cup of cut up mango
3: leftover shrimp and broccoli, sweet potato, olive oil for fat!
4: gonna be kind of crazy, actually... we have some canned tuna and I have a little mayo left, and we have some veg, so I'm thinking... salad and tuna/veg patties, maybe? Blargh, I wish I had a better plan. Must get to the grocery store this weekend! 

As far as re-intro goes.... I'm thinking dairy first. A little yogurt and fruit in the morning, cheese with my snack, more cheese (feta, how i've missed you!) on my lunch salad, and some sort of pulled chicken dish so I can make raita to go with dinner!

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