Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Whole 30 day 10

I've been logging my Whole 30 on the forums, but I thought I should move it over here since this is where I usually write. I'm at the half way point now, and I'll keep posting in both places, I think. I'm back dating the previous posts so they make a little more sense. –ACB 2/16/16

That green curry with halibut was DELICIOUS. I'm looking forward to leftovers for lunch today! Worth the painstaking effort to hand cut each julienne of zucchini. Not sure I loved it enough to buy a spiralizer, but enjoyed the veggies cut in strips rather than chunks! 

Day 9 (yesterday) was hard. I wanted cookies all afternoon. There were easily 50 sandwiches left over after a poorly attended meeting and I had to move them (plus sodas and cookies and a mountain of cheese) out of the conference room they were in. So hard not to stuff a bunch of cheese cubes into my face! Meals were: 

Breakfast: the end of the egg bake, the other half of the avocado. 
Mid-morning-mini-meal: 5 leftover sausage stuffed mushrooms, an apple and some almond butter
Lunch: salad of arugula, celery and strawberries, topped with a big scoop of chicken salad (cashew, dried apricot, mayo)
Dinner: pot roasted leg of lamb (cooked in the instant pot on Sunday!) in tomato sauce, baked potato with ghee (I only ate half, it was a huge potato), sauteed garlicky kale. AFter dinner I ate the last four prosciutto wrapped dates and I'm glad they're gone now because that is definitely candy and I couldn't control myself around them. 

Day 10 is today! Day 10! I'm 1/3 of the way through! So far today breakfast was a 2 egg scramble of chopped roasted cauliflower with some leftover sliced scallions and jalapeno from garnishing the curry the other night, a little scoop of chicken salad, plus the last two slices of prosciutto which I crisped in the pan. It wasn't enough food, which is obvious when I see it written down. Needs more fat! Going to start adding a few olives to my plate in the morning, I think. 

I was hungry for my mini-meal pretty early but work interfered so I ate it at my regular 10:30 snack time. The last of the stuffed mushrooms (5), half an orange pepper dipped in almond butter. It's shocking how sweet bell peppers taste to me now! About to have my lunch of the green curry with halibut, which I'm looking forward to! Hoping it held up ok. 

So today and tomorrow are supposed to be my hardest days, according to the timeline. Yesterday was REALLY HARD so I hope I'm just a little ahead of the timeline, as I seem to have been for most of my whole30 - no hangover, KATT on days 3-5, exhaustion started day 6 as expected but my pants haven't felt tighter yet, thank goodness! The dreams though. Oh my god the dreams. I've been having intense and vivid dreams since day 2. It's really unsettling, even though they're not directly terrifying they're just so weird, and I don't ever remember the whole thing. I do wake up feeling like I didn't get much sleep despite my fit bit not showing an uptick in restlessness. My poor brain is working so hard at saying no to sugar I feel like it's throwing tantrums every night. Get it together, brain! I already deal with one toddler every day, I don't need shit fits from you, too!
Anyway, hopefully that calms down in the next few days? It's a long weekend and there are several family outings on the docket, one of which is a brunch at someone's house. I'll definitely eat in advance and bring something compliant to share, but I'm nervous about it. 

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