Thursday, February 18, 2016

Whole 30 day 18

Catch up post! 

Day 16:
Back to basics for breakfast with a chicken sausage, two eggs, half an avocado and half a sweet potato for breakfast. Snack was my favorite smoky spicy egg salad with red pepper strips and a banana with almond butter. Lunch was leftover chicken soup (not enough fat!). Dinner was Moroccan spiced shepherd's pie with sweet potato. 

Day 17: 
Same breakfast as the day before, but with a chicken apple sausage instead of the roasted red pepper and spinach ones. I really vastly prefer the spinach/RRP ones, the apple ones are kind of grossly sweet. Snack of Dietz & Watson mesquite smoked turkey slices wrapped around pepper strips with the end of my homemade mayo and some mustard. Also a clementine that was disgustingly sweet. Lunch of leftover shepherd's pie (way too sweet) and cherry tomatoes (too sweet!) in guacamole. WTF is happening to my tongue? Dinner of lamb chops, roasted butternut squash and satueed greens. The giant bag of "power greens" from Costco is awesome - cooks fast because it's baby greens and lasts us two meals instead of barely one meal, which is what we get out of the grocery store bags! 

Day 18: 
Breakfast of leftover lamb chop, a few butternut wedges and #putaneggonit. I always forget to cover sunny side up eggs so it was a little runnier than I'd have preferred, but edible. Snack of the last small portion of chicken soup (never enough fat), apple and almond butter. Lunch will be leftover shepherd's pie, more guacamole with some pepper strips. 

I realized this morning that I'm definitely sleeping better. The crazy intense dreams of the first ten days have worn off and mostly gone away and I was able to go back to sleep for half an hour after husband's verrry early alarm went off. My sugar cravings have abated some but aren't completely gone. It's been really easy to say no to off-plan food the last few days and I'm hoping that continues. 

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