Monday, February 1, 2016

Whole 30 day 1

I've been logging my Whole 30 on the forums, but I thought I should move it over here since this is where I usually write. I'm at the half way point now, and I'll keep posting in both places, I think. I'm back dating the previous posts so they make a little more sense. –ACB 2/16/16

I'm a little bummed to have missed Whole30 January, but I hadn't decided to do W30 till mid January, and then I needed some time to prepare mentally before jumping in - and to convince some friends to join me! I have a good little support group going with some of my friends, thank goodness. 

This is my first Whole30 and I'm in it for the NSVs! I don't have much weight to lose, save the few pounds of inevitable creep that come with an office job. There is almost always extra food after meetings, and I work at a university, so... there are a lot of meetings.I'd like to stop feeling like I have to take a sandwich just because there are sandwiches! Also, frankly, the catering companies around here mostly buy their desserts from freaking Restaurant Depot or whatever, and they are NEVER AS GOOD AS I WANT THEM TO BE. But hey, if there's a brownie in front of me, I'mma eat it, even if it is fake tasting and too sweet. Speaking of chocolate, I'd like to stop looking around my desk every couple hours hoping to find some.

I didn't used to have a sweet tooth, really, but when I was first pregnant the only thing I wanted to eat was plain beige foods like bagels and mashed potatoes and crackers. Then while breastfeeding it was like a giant free for all - eat whatever you want to keep your milk supply up! And I wanted a lot of pastries and M&Ms. Nowadays I don't think of myself as particularly hooked on sugar, but I do anticipate some difficulty/headaches the next couple of days. I was trying to ease off gently and had been really good for a few weeks but lots of work events last week and a trip to my grandparents' house this weekend means I've been right back in my bad habits for a while now. Last night, even though I KNOW I wasn't suppposed to, I had an ice cream cookie-wich and a manhattan. Oops? Anyway, it was a glorious send off of booze and sugar (and dairy and gluten!). 

Other things I did last night: made a batch of mayo (yum!), pressure cooked a pot roast, roasted the three sweet potatoes we had in the house, plus roasted a cabbage (cut into wedges) drizzled with ghee, and a HUGE beet that took like two hours. I really should have cut it in half first but the oven was already on for the cabbage and SPs, so not the end of the world. I also prepped 4lbs of chicken thighs for Nom Nom Paleo's cracklin' chicken, which I'll make for dinner tonight if I get home on the early side (we'll have the pot roast if not). 

Anyway, since this is a food log, too, here's what I've eaten so far today - will update tonight once I actually know what dinner is!

M1: 6:15am, one aidell's chicken apple sausage, two eggs over medium, half a sweet potato, frank's hot sauce, black (decaf) coffee
M1.5: 10:30am, two hard boiled eggs, one apple, handful of almonds
M2: 1:30pm, curried tuna salad (1 large can tuna, 1 grated carrot, 1 grated apple, handful of raisins, curry powder, salt and homemade mayo), one red pepper and half a cucumber for scooping.

Wish me luck with the next 30 days!

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