Saturday, February 6, 2016

Whole 30 Day 6

I've been logging my Whole 30 on the forums, but I thought I should move it over here since this is where I usually write. I'm at the half way point now, and I'll keep posting in both places, I think. I'm back dating the previous posts so they make a little more sense. –ACB 2/16/16

Day six! Hubs doesn't eat pork but he was out last night so kiddo and I had pork chops with cilantro pistachio pesto, and a veggie medley of carrot, onion, ginger, garlic, and collard greens with coconut cream and cumin and coriander. It was delicious! I forget how much I like pork chops! Must remember that for when he's off playing games with his friends next time. 

Weekends are hard. During the week it's easy to stay on plan because I only have to worry about myself during the day. Husband makes breakfast on the weekends, and he made me three eggs, but I was still hungry a couple hours later. Had a spoon full of almond butter and some raisins an hour before lunch, so much for no snacking. My parents are visiting this weekend so we ordered lunch today from the sub shop around the corner - I had to order the burger with no bun, couldn't eat the fries, had to eat leftover veggies from last night. Should have ordered two burgers, as I was soooo hungry three hours later! I went to the farmers market and grocery store with my mom while kiddo slept, and I picked up some emergency Lara bars (and my mom bought my groceries! happy birthday to me!)... and then had to eat one at like 4 to get me through dinner prep. And now, having eaten a bunch of chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli and spinach salad... I'm still hungry. I think I didn't have enough fat at dinner! Might have to go snack on some prosciutto, or it's possible I'm just a little bored and everybody else is sitting here on the couch sipping whiskey while we watch a movie. I did not find it challengng to avoid late night snacking during the week, and even though tomorrow is my birthday and the superbowl and it's gonna be fun and all... I'm kinda looking forward to Monday being easy again. 

Weekends, man. They're hard. 

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