Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Whole 30 day 24

Wow, I've neglected this log for almost a whole week. That's crazy. No way will I remember everything I ate during that week, but let's recap a few highlights. 

This past weekend was GLORIOUS weather. It was 60 degrees on Saturday! Saturday morning we went to a W30 friend's house for brunch in the morning - she has two young kids so we brought miss J and they had a great time playing. I made a tortilla espanola and some lemon/caper/parsley mayonnaise, the hosts made homemade turkey sausage patties and chia coconut pudding parfaits with banana and strawberry, there was a sweet potato apple bacon hash and smoked salmon with cucumbers and another homemade mayo sauce. It was all so delicious! And so nice to socialize without worrying about compliance. Saturday afternoon we spent at a playground with spring coats on!!! Dinner was salmon rubbed with taco seasoning mix and broiled, and a salad of romaine, avocado, red onion pickled in lime juice and salt, and mango. Mango! So good and I never remember it. Pre Whole30 I would have defaulted to rice with the salmon, but the salad was excellent. 

Sunday we spent the morning at a playground and then on the walk home decided to try lunch out at the pub near our house. I had the burger and a salad, but no dressing because they couldn't do olive oil and vinegar, and no bacon, no cheese, no bun (no fun!). I had guacamole for my burger but they brought me a commercial vinaigrette for the salad so I had to use the guac as both burger topping and salad dressing. Honestly it was pretty sad. I hate feeling like "that person" at a restaurant and I could tell the waitress was annoyed. I guess it's good that we haven't eaten out much this month. 

Now that I'm in the home stretch (less than a week left!) I'm feeling pretty good. My NSVs are where I hoped they'd be - better sleep, clearer skin, better attitude. I think I've lost some weight but won't get on the scale till next Tuesday - my face looks thinner and my tummy is smaller... and I just feel lighter. That said, this is not a sustainable diet option for me long term. I miss beans and tofu and inexpensive protein! I've managed to mostly stick to our grocery budget but only because I got a grocery gift card for my birthday (my family knows me so well!). I think the sugar cut was the most helpful, and I hope I'm able to stick with saying no to things that aren't worth it once W30 is over. I like the idea of filling the plate with veg rather than starch, but I do miss the ease of rice bowls for dinner. I'm hoping rice isn't a problem for me! I can see myself doing a re-set w5 or w7 in the future if I need to, but I cannot see myself doing another w30 again. And I've been researching reintroduction protocols. I'm thinking dairy (cheese with breakfast, yogurt with lunch, sour cream with dinner), then beans (soy sauce with breakfast, black beans or chickpeas with lunch, tofu with dinner), then non gluten grains (oatmeal with breakfast, quinoa with lunch, rice with dinner) and gluten on the last day (toast, maybe farro with lunch, bread - or beer! - with dinner). At some point I'll reintroduce alcohol, will probably start with wine and save beer for the gluten day. We leave for a trip to New Orleans 9 days after I finish so I'm hoping reintroduction goes smoothly and I make good choices while we're traveling!  

Anyway, still a week to go! 
Day 24 meals: 
Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with prosciutto, half an avocado, half a sweet potato. No greens left from last night, alas!
Snack: 3 slices compliant turkey, a bunch of cherry tomatoes and a wholly guacamole mini cup, banana and a few tbsp almond butter
Lunch (will be): leftover mocha rubbed beef, cauli rice and kale
Dinner (will be): baked sweet potato, melissa clark's roasted shrimp and broccoli

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